Branching out to alternative spaces

Branching out to alternative spaces

Luis during design I review

Luis during design I review



back to the land of straight-edged dreams.

The new year has only just begun, yet I’m sure you’ve noticed the lights in the DAL have not once been turned off (except very briefly at 2:02 AM every night). Yes, you know what that means: we are back in the land of straight-edged dreams, where no nook or cranny is too uncomfortable for a desperate nap.

Although the founders of our beloved b+c | archsleep have moved on to a strangely normal parallel universe whose citizens sleep in their bedrooms rather than the ever-mysterious “studio”—fear not!—the editorial torch has been passed on to a new generation of heartachingly sleep-deprived architorture students, so keep your drooping eyes peeled for fallen soldiers!

Taking ‘catnapping’ to a whole new level.

Well, at least she’s in a bed.

Wen Wen.

5/5/12, 4:46 pm

Skycrapers…float in the clouds…

…I’m not sitting…next to my professor…

Chad, Skyscrapers impromptu final crit.

5/2/12, 5 - 6 pm.

photo by Jenny.

When you can’t beat the model, become the model.

Adrienne, DAL.

4/30/12, 5:21 am

The Jake of all tradeZzzz.

Jake, DAL.

4/30/12, 4:38 am

End-of-Year Show tonight!

Diana, 4th floor gallery

Sweet, sweet [final crit] sleep

This was Nick’s first moment of shut-eye in 4 days. 


Ethan + Nina

Oh, wow.

Design II final crits, 5th + 6th floor Diana

4/30/12, 9am - 1 pm

Texts from this morning

Birthday DAL(l)-nighter//Yes of course I’m up.

The neverending rendering…

Waiting for rendering to complete = nap time

Nina, DAL

4/29/12, 8 am

Double, double, toil & trouble.

Adrienne + Nina, DAL.

4/29/12, 9:04 am

You snooze…

…you lose (your computer).

Sevan, DAL

4/28/12, 5:40 pm

Experiencing the horizontal plane.

"I wish these desks were more rounded so it would be easier to spoon."

Cami, DAL.

4/27/12, 1:29 pm